Saturday, November 3, 2007

Help Clean the Basement

Having a hard time getting back on track. Helped my brother and sister move some things around my mom's basement so she can have some pipes replaced. My brother is younger and was complaining about his arm being numb. Kinda scares me since his blood pressure is so high and he isn't physically fit. Maybe this is what I need is a picture of my bubby and know that I must love weight to remain healthy......

Thursday, November 1, 2007


First day on the new job....very stressful. I did well on staying away from the Halloween candy. I did eat some potato soup with lots of butter, cream and bacon and and yes.....potatoes. Trying to get back on track.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Morning

Be a Creative Spirit!

I came upon the realization that this is a plan for Life and not a quick fix. Today is an official restart and I am really going to try not to abuse YOU turns. Got to get ready for church.......

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wacky Wacky Wacky

I tell you what....I had a really nice long blog the other day and when I went to post.......poof!!!! nowhere to be found. It has been a very busy month for me....I start a new job on November 1st and the current job is keeping me on in contract labor position. Can I take the stress? Don't know....but I will find out. This is a way of life so I am not going to anguish over how long it takes me to lose weight. It doesn't mean I am giving up.......I will never give up. I am just going to enjoy the ride and not stress. Stress will kill you!!!! I have a couple of outfits on layaway and I need to lose a few pounds for them to be stress just work at getting healthy. I know in order to get additional life insurance, I need to lose weight....I will get there. Just thought I would check in and see how life is going

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Company Picnic

okay okay......I have been bad today. Company picnic at Hubbar's Farm which consisted of Fried Chicken or beans and corn and any type of cobbler you can imagine. Tried to limit what I put on my plate but it wasn't low fat healthy food for sure.

First day of fall and the temp is over 90 degrees. What the heck???? I think the weather is confused. I really need to do some yard work and get ready for the colder weather but it is so hot outside. Maybe I can do some shrub cutting?? That would burn some calories......

Tomorrow is another day to start a plan.......I will just have to eat healthy the rest of the day and come up with a plan or a mantra to keep me focused on what I need to do........

Friday, September 21, 2007

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I am so thankful today is Friday! I baked a white cake with chocolate icing a few days ago and I have been indulging.....overly so. Why do I do this to myself? I am good from breakfast until dinner time. When I get home......katie bar the door! It is almost as if I tell myself.....self, you have been so on program all deserve to splurge....and then I can't stop! I feel like shouting......I'm mad as Hedouble hockey sticks and I ain't going to take it anymore! You think that will work?

It is so aggravating because I know how I should eat and I don't. I feel so out of control. I have read all the self help books I can get my hands on. I have walked 10,000 steps a day and felt fantastic. Oh, if I could go on the biggest looser and let them make me suffer and not think.....

Thursday, September 20, 2007

uhhhhh wIhere am I?

Yesterday was a twilight zone day. Work has been very stressful and I self medicated with carbs galore!!!!! Not sure why I feel unworthy of success or maybe I just don't really want to lose the 4 pounds that goes away and comes back at their own will. Oh yea, was really weird.....I got a optical migrane from looking at numbers and then it was full blown headache from trying to see past all the wavy things in the corner of my eyes. I hate days like that....thankfully they don't happen often. Anyway....I didn't feel attached all day.....does that make sense?

I am really starting to get excitied. I leave for Vegas in 2 weeks; however, I was really wanting to be about 20 pounds lighter. Augh..........

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Wow.....I was going to try to blog everyday but that hasn't happened. I was going through some boxes that we moved and I found a journal where I was disgusted with my weight. The last entry in the journal was right after my youngest son was born....he is 19 years old. I noticed that I kept saying the same thing over and over through the different entries.....well, that motivation didn't do a darn thing for me. I think I need to regroup now that I know those words didn't help and I weighed less than I do now. :(

Well, I need to get my day started and think this thing can't imagine how I am feeling right now.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday September 14th 2007

What is it about hard work? Not so good on the food, water or exercise today but I thought I would go ahead and start a point of reference. I have been attempting to follow the You On A Diet......very unsuccessful so far I need to add, since the first of the year.

Several things have happened to put up stumbling blocks for my success. I was a full time student in the MBA program at IWU. We moved in March and I also started a new job after working for the same company for 5 years. I fell and fractured my foot in July and have had to wear a walking boot until yesterday. Not to mention a slew of other issues. Tommorrow is a new day and it looks it will be the first day of my life line journey.